Future Builders Scholarship


CTFK is taking applications for the Future Builder’s Scholarship. Each year we will award a scholarship to a graduating Wagener-Salley High School senior at a minimum of $1000.

Applications are available on our home page, top of this page and at Wagener-Salley High.  Applications must be received by CTFK no later than April 15, 2022.  NOTE:  If  you cannot obtain a copy of your transcript because of school closure, please send in your scholarship application and supporting documentation by April 15th   As soon as you can get a copy of your transcript please forward to us.  If you would like you may scan and email your scholarship applications and supporting documentation to ctfkministries@gmail.com  

You will receive an confirmation of receipt when your applications is received. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt please email us at ctfkministries@gmail.com

The scholarship is awarded for Godly character and community service.  The deadline to apply is April 15th.

For More information email us at ctfkministries@gmail.com

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Scholarship Application